Monday, March 16, 2009

72 and 73

I skipped yesterday since I did a 10K run, but today I made up all 145. Ouch.


Carl from Chicago said...

How is this working now? Do you do them in sets of 10?

Do they help your conditioning or is it just gravy at this point for you? Are you getting significantly better at them?

Do you sweat like heck at work after doing your 10 burpees?

Dan from Madison said...

Well, I am still doing them, just stopped blogging about it. Typically I have to do them in sets of 10 so I don't start sweating in my work clothes.

At this point is is a major hassle - time is a factor. But I will finish. I will be glad when it is over, I even have to do some on my upcoming vacation!

Since I already do strength conditioning they are gravy for me, I will stop when it is over.

Anonymous said...

Hey I was looking up information and found your blog. Did you stop? Did you ever make it to 100??

Dan from Madison said...

I made it to 80. It is very tough. I may try it again some day.