Sunday, February 1, 2009


Done in sets of 10 in the living room, after running a 10k. Damn my legs are sore, but the burpee challenge rolls on!


Carl from Chicago said...

How was the 10k? What was your time? I am trying to add a mile onto my jogging schedule each time. I went 3.5 miles in about 40 minutes. I guess that is a 5k. I need to set some sort of goal for myself.

So it seems that the best way to do burpees is in groups of 10 throughout the day?

Dan from Madison said...

The 10k is March 15. I did run a 10k on my treadmill yesterday morning in 49.30, shaved a minute off of my last time, and a new personal best. That was a pretty good pace for me. I think the best I can do at this point is 48 minutes, but I am going to work up to that. Next Sunday my target will be 49.00.

As far as burpees go, sets of 10 are the way I do them. After 10 my form starts to deteriorate. I think as the numbers start to increase, my sets will as I get stronger and stronger.