Saturday, January 3, 2009


As of today I am starting the 100 Burpee challenge. This is the page of rules I am following. And I will follow all of them. I would like to thank Santa Cruz Crossfit for putting that page up on the web.

I have one exception. Or two. If I am doing burpees in my basement, I can't really jump too high without hitting my hands or head. So I will just jump as high as practical. If I am on the road at a hotel and no easy access to a workout room, I will make do with the hotel room and do the burpees to the best of my ability.

This blog is my way of keeping myself honest - I really don't want to fail so will be jotting a quick note or two here every day as to how I did. Things won't get tough until day 10 or so I would think, but I am in pretty good shape and think I can do it. I will probably do video on the tens. And speaking of video, here is number one.

As the videos get longer I will probably start using YouTube. Also, I will more than likely only tape the last half or so of the longer sets as this thing goes along. I have no idea how long the burpees will take me, but am limited by YouTube's upload time and the memory card on my camera. We will see on that.

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